SQL generators are good actually Data science students are often told that SQL is the most important tool to learn. This advice makes some sense given how ubiquitous SQL is in industry, but I think it’s a bit overrated. I’ve been working as a data scientist for eight or years, and now am a product manager on a large data platform product, but I’m still not entirely sure I really “know SQL” in any meaningful way.

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Why I Use R

They said the war was over… Over the last couple of years prominent members of both the R and Python communities have tried to move past the language wars and support both R and Python workflows. This makes sense intellectually; after all, R and Python are not all that different in the scheme of things, and so we should let people use whichever language they find more productive. This conversation manifests very differently in the workplace, however.

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Gordon Shotwell

Lead Data Scientist at Socure